Vancouver, WA Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeframe

//Vancouver, WA Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeframe

Vancouver, WA Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeframe

Become Debt Free with Bankruptcy

Become Debt Free with Bankruptcy

I often get questions like “how long will my chapter 7 bankruptcy case last?, or “what is the process of a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington?”. At least as legal procedures go, Chapter 7 moves very

quickly. The typical chapter 7 in Washington lasts approximately 90 days from when you file until it is discharged and you are finished.  Our firm has filed hundreds of chapter 7 cases and the process is almost the same in nearly every case. Below are the 9 main steps involved in a typical chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington:

1) You consult with a bankruptcy attorney and determine chapter 7 is your best option to get out of debt;

2) You have given your attorney all of the requested documents to prepare a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition and paid all required fees;

3) You have completed your required online credit counseling course (required for anyone who files chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington);

4) You have reviewed your completed bankruptcy petition that your attorney prepared and signed it;

5) Your attorney gets your chapter 7 bankruptcy case filed (usually electronically);

6) Your attorney gets your bankruptcy hearing date set (this will happen approximately one month after you file;

7) You attend your required “meeting of creditors” hearing – located in the Vancouver, WA Federal Building. For specific hearing location information, visit here.

8) You take your required financial management course (can be done before the hearing if you like);

9) You wait for your discharge notice to come in the mail from the Western District of Washington Bankruptcy Court (usually arrives 60-70 days after your hearing).

The above 9 steps are the main steps involved in a normal chapter 7 bankruptcy case in Washington. Of course, some cases are different, and may have additional steps, or requirements involved. Your bankruptcy attorney should be able to guide you though your case accordingly.  Our firm practices only chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. We understand the requirements of each bankruptcy trustee and are able to help get you through your chapter 7 or 13 in the most efficient possible way.  We know you don’t have a lot of time or money and we strive to make the chapter 7 bankruptcy process as painless as possible for you.

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