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Free Initial Consultation with one of our Vancouver Bankruptcy Lawyers

At Hackett Law Firm, our bankruptcy attorneys always offer a free initial bankruptcy consultation.  We will take as much time as we need to go over your debt relief options and if bankruptcy is the best route we can explain how the process works from start to finish. We can also tell you exactly how much the total fees are for a bankruptcy.  We also offer flexible payment plans and you can retain our office for as little as $100.

At your free consultation we will need some basic information from you, but you will not be required to bring in a stack of documents.  We have a simple, one page intake form that you are free to fill out before you come in, or if you prefer, when you get to your appointment.

We will need a general idea of the amounts and types of debt that you have, as well as your current income information.

At Hackett Law Firm we promise to provide a friendly, informative and worthwhile initial consultation. Our main goal at the initial consultation is to offer you options about how you can best move forward to become debt free.

Awesome and Professional

I cannot tell you how great this company was under some very uncomfortable situation and they handled themselves above and beyond anything that I whatever expected from a law firm. Definitely a must use if needed Company. Ryan and his associates are nothing but professional and they pay attention to detail I cannot even give them enough praise thank you.
James P. Vancouver , WA 03/11/2014

Our Vancouver bankruptcy office is conveniently located near the Vancouver Mall at 4400 NE 77th Ave. Sute #275 Vancouver, WA 98662.